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Nextt provides disability and mental health services across Victoria.

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Disability Services


At Nextt, we provide a range of disability services across Victoria.

As an NDIS-registered provider, Nextt aims to empower our clients to live happy, independent lives.

We do this by providing a range of capacity and skill-building programs and individual supports that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our approach is centred around understanding and meeting the unique needs of each person we support. We believe in the power of person-centred support, which means that we work closely with our clients to develop personalised support plans that address their specific goals and aspirations. Our dedicated team of professionals takes the time to listen, collaborate, and design programs and services that foster growth, skill-building, and overall well-being.

Why choose Nextt as your Disability Services Victoria Provider?

At Nextt, we’re dedicated to empowering people with disability and supporting them to reach their goals and to get more out of life. Our disability services Victoria are designed to enhance independence, choice, and inclusion.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our Nextt INDIE platform. A first of its kind in Australia, the Nextt Indie platform gives us the tools that we need to capture our client’s goals and measure their progress in meeting them.

It’s a platform that allows us to improve our effectiveness in the supports that we provide, and know when (and if) we need to alter the level of service that we provide.

Nextt Indie is a point of difference to Nextt that helps us support you to get more out of life.

Disability Services Provider
How Nextt provides personalised disability support

How Nextt provides personalised support

Nextt provides personalised support to people with disability through our Disability Services Victoria in a number of ways:

The range of disability services Victoria we offer includes:

Individual and core supports

Support coordination

Attendant care and rehabilitation

Independent Living

Early Intervention

Mental Health


Nextt work with clients to customise an individually tailored support plan which acknowledges their strengths and empowers them to move towards their goals.


Nextt helps coordinate all disability services that our clients are entitled to under the NDIS.


High-quality attendant care for clients with high-level needs such as Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)


Nextt has built a strong service that specialises in supporting people with psycho-social disabilities and dual diagnosis. We focus our supports on achieving the outcomes in your life that matter to you. 


At Nextt, we’re dedicated to helping you live independently and comfortably in your own home or with others. We offer a range of disability accommodation support options, designed to provide the support you need while honouring your choices and individual needs.


At the Lizard Centre, we give children the best possible start to life through ABA-based behavioural therapy, speech therapy, social skills and school readiness programs.

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