The Flexibility Benefits of becoming a Support Worker

Are you looking for a career that will allow you to find work that fits into your busy lifestyle?

Choosing a role that you’re passionate about is key to making a positive difference.

Working in the disability support sector can be a rewarding career that makes a great difference to another person’s life. Not only is it a meaningful job, but it also provides a wide range of flexibility benefits. Some flexibility benefits of becoming a support worker include:
  • Taking control of your daily schedule,
  • Meeting family and social commitments,
  • Working in either the morning, during the day, or night,
  • Having more freedom to take time off,
  • Enjoying a better work-life balance,
  • Avoiding peak hour traffic, and
  • More times for hobbies and relaxation.
The three most common factors that our support workers find rewarding about their work are:
  1. Watching the people you support progress and reach their goals.
  2. Knowing that they are making a positive difference to someone’s life.
  3. The flexibility of the work.
Interesting Support Worker Growth Statistics

In Australia, there are currently some 288,200 people employed as disability or aged care workers, with average weekly earnings of $1382 and 28% expected growth. Making it clear that more people are seeing the flexibility and rewarding benefits of social work.

Over the last 20 years employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry has grown from 898,200 to 2,019,600, even more so during the pandemic, as social assistance made its largest contribution to employment growth.

The availability of support worker roles continues to grow. According to the latest Online Vacancies report, there were some 33,700 positions advertised for community and personal service workers in June 2022.

As the result of growth within our business, we have seen a great demand for support workers here at Nextt. With the growing need for support worker jobs Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, and Brisbane’s Nextt team are looking for new talent to join a flexible environment.

At Nextt, flexibility isn’t our only way we support our workers, we also pride ourselves in providing a welcoming team environment, personal development, and on-the-job training. If you are looking for a long-term career in a job that can lead to new and different opportunities, Disability Support Work is a great path to follow.

Check out this video of him showing off his latest fashion line and playing his saxophone at the expo. This is another great example of how our service teams are making a measurable difference in our client’s lives!