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A journey of resilience and recovery: Kerrie’s story with Nextt

Kerrie’s decade-long association with Nextt stands as a testament to the strength of enduring relationships.

Diagnosed with MS, cancer in her right arm, and facial neuralgia, Kerrie faced a new challenge in 2022 when she contracted Covid-19. This marked the beginning of a tumultuous period, but thanks to the unwavering support of her team at Nextt, Kerrie’s story has significantly improved.

From health to setbacks

When Monique, Nextt’s Client Experience Manager first met Kerrie in 2022, before her battle with Covid-19, she was healthy and happy, navigating life in her wheelchair and cherishing the things she loved. However, the virus changed everything, leading to weeks in the hospital, pneumonia, and the development of pressure wounds. The subsequent months saw Kerrie oscillating between moments of well-being at home and returns to the hospital due to chest infections and pressure wounds.

 Dedicated support through challenges

In March 2023, Kerrie’s health was showing signs of improvement. Unfortunately, another setback occurred when she contracted a chest infection, resulting in a 7-week hospitalisation. Recognising the need for emotional support during this challenging time, Kerrie’s support coordinator, hospital, and Kerrie herself agreed that regular visits from a familiar face would be beneficial.

Enter Joann, one of Kerrie’s dedicated support workers, who provided companionship during her hospital stay.

Collaboration for a brighter future

Upon Kerrie’s discharge, a collaborative effort involving Nextt’s team, allied health specialists, and her circle of supports was initiated. Kerrie’s goal was clear – to regain mobility, enjoy fresh air, and reclaim her life. Through increased supports, collaboration with healthcare professionals, and the diligent coordination from her Client Experience Manager Monique, a plan was set in motion to achieve Kerrie’s aspirations.

October 2023: a remarkable transformation

Fast forward to October 2023, Monique’s return visit revealed a remarkable transformation. Kerrie, with her infectious smile, was sitting up in bed, a testament to the progress made. She shared her recent adventure – a haircut that left her feeling wonderful! Kerrie is now back in her wheelchair regularly, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin, and has reconnected with her community access provider, venturing out once a week. The change is palpable – Kerrie is visibly happier and back to being herself.

Ongoing support and future goals

While celebrating Kerrie’s successes, the team at Nextt remains dedicated to maintaining her current level of health and comfort. Monique has advocated for a new pressure-relieving wheelchair cushion to mitigate the risk of pressure wound re-development. Daily check-ins with community nurses and the exceptional work of Kerrie’s long-term support worker, Joann, have contributed to the significant healing of her wounds. Joann deserves special recognition for the trust and rapport she has built with Kerrie, a heartwarming testament to the compassionate care that defines Nextt’s approach.

Kerrie’s journey reflects not only her resilience but also the power of collaborative and dedicated support in the face of adversity. As she continues on her path to recovery, the Nextt team remains committed to empowering Kerrie to get more out of life.