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Nextt has a growing portfolio ofNDIS supported accommodation for people who have autism, disability or face mental health challenges.

If you are looking for a place to live and need support with housing for disability patients, we are here to help. Our specialist disability accommodationproperties cater to all care needs, across transition, cluster homes or supported housing. They have been expertly designed to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in vibrant communities where family and friends are always welcome.

We are continuously on the look-out for properties that can cater specifically for our clients. Learn more about our Housing For Disability options and call us on 1300 369 568 to put in your request.

Housing For Disability Options

Nextt can tailor disability housing to your individual needs. There are many options to consider including:

Shared living

worker (1)

Bequest home management

In home Respite

In home Respite


Shared living is one form of NDIS supported accommodation where you choose to move into a home where you will live with other people while receiving tailored support to develop independent living skills.

Nextt can support you in disability accommodation by:

  • Finding the right people for you to live with ensuring a good match
  • Locating a property that meets your individual needs
  • Supporting you with your transition

As part of your housing for disability service, we will support you during all areas of life including: daily living skills, self care, home and financial management, education support, employment support, social and spiritual events, activities and groups.


Most families worry about what will happen to their loved ones when they are no longer able to care for them.

At Nextt, we support families who wish to bequest their home so that their loved ones can remain living in the family home feeling safe and comfortable.

In home respite

Nextt can support you to stay at home alone by providing staff to come and stay with you for short periods of time as a disability accommodation service.

During this time, our friendly staff can help you to:

  • Build your independence within your home
    • Participate and connect with others within your community
    • Explore opportunities for learning and development
    • including employment support Creating goals
    • Develop independent living skills that can be applied to living environments and in stressful situations
    • Actively participate in the development of your individual plan to build skills and manage your own needs
Independent living

As part of our housing for disability services, Nextt currently supports many people living independently in their own home as a form of NDIS supported accommodation and we can do this for you too.

As part of our suite of disability accommodation services, Nextt can support you to maintain your independent living skills while assisting you to learn new skills such as:

  • Cooking and Shopping
    • Budgeting Medication management
    • Cleaning
    • Travel training
    • Attending appointments and accessing your community
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