Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page gathers commonly asked questions about Nextt’s disability services and provides clear, concise answers to guide you on your journey towards independence and a fulfilling life. It covers topics like eligibility, funding options, available services, and helpful resources.

About Nextt

In which areas do you provide services?

Nextt currently offers services in Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Geelong, Melbourne, Newcastle, and Sydney. Please visit our offices page to see our current locations. 

Is Nextt an NDIS registered provider?

Yes, Nextt is registered as a NDIS provider. Our Registration ID is 4-3LLO-1926.

How long has Nextt been in operation?

Nextt commenced services in 1998, and has been operating for over 25 years.

What services does Nextt provide?

Nextt provides a wide range of disability and mental health support services, designed to support our clients to become more independent and to get more out of life. Some of these include: 

Support Coordination: Nextt can support you to coordinate all disability services that you are entitled to under the NDIS. 

Personal Care Supports: Nextt can provide you with a range of support worker services to assist you to develop your skills, to reach your personal goals, and with daily living and personal care. 

Community Access: Nextt can assist you with Social and Community Participation, helping you access NDIS funding for engaging activities, building social connections, and exploring new opportunities. 

Attendant Care: High-quality attendant care for clients with high-level needs such as Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). 

Support to Live Independently: Nextt can provide a range of disability accommodation options, to support you to live independently in your own home, or in shared accommodation with other people. 

For what types of disability does Nextt offer support?

Over the last 25 years we have supported people with a broad range of disabilities including autism, psycho-social disability, cognitive support needs, high physical support needs and Acquired Brain Injury. 

We have developed communities of practice to support our staff and clients with specific skill and support requirements.

What makes Nextt different to other disability service providers?

Nextt has a number of key points of difference to other disability service providers: 

Longevity and Experience: With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Nextt has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their families. Our long history demonstrates our commitment and reliability in delivering high-quality support services.  

Extensive Geographic Footprint: Nextt operates in multiple locations across Australia, including Brisbane, Adelaide, Coffs Harbour, Ballarat, Geelong, Camberwell, Newcastle, and Sydney. Our broad geographic footprint allows us to reach and support individuals in various regions, ensuring accessibility and convenience.  

Comprehensive Service Offering: Nextt offers a comprehensive range of disability support services, covering various areas of life. From support coordination and daily living assistance to social and community participation support, we provide a wide range of services to address the diverse needs and goals of our clients. 

Experienced Group Leadership Team: Our Group Leadership team consists of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Nextt. 

Size and Scale: Nextt is a sizable organisation with over 1800 staff members dedicated to providing support services to over 1200 clients. Our robust infrastructure and extensive resources allow us to deliver consistent, high-quality support to a large number of individuals across our service areas.  

Positive Reputation: Nextt has earned a strong reputation in the industry, reflected in our average Trustpilot score of over 4.6 (excellent). We take pride in the positive feedback and testimonials we receive from our clients, which attest to the quality of our services and the satisfaction of those we support.  

INDIE System: Our innovative INDIE system provides an end-to-end view of NDIS participants’ journeys. It enhances transparency, enables deeper data analysis on goals and progress, and ensures greater accountability and effectiveness in delivering support services. INDIE empowers us to track outcomes and make measurable improvements in our clients’ quality of life.  

Client-Centric Approach: At Nextt, we put our clients at the centre of everything we do. We take a personalised approach, tailoring our support to meet the unique goals and needs of each individual. We believe in empowering our clients to achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

How many people does Nextt support each year?

Nextt currently provides support to over 1200 people each year. 

How may staff work for Nextt?

With over 1800 staff and services across NSW, QLD, SA and VIC, we provide quality support to over 1200 people every year. 

Who is Nextt's Leadership Team?

Our Group Leadership team consists of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Nextt. Their strategic guidance and industry insights drive our commitment to excellence and innovation in delivering support services.  Our Group Leadership Team includes:  

Jennifer Morgan, CEO. Jennifer Morgan is the CEO of Nextt, providing leadership and strategic direction. With 19 years of experience in the disability sector and a focus on human rights, she emphasises the importance of respecting and fulfilling obligations under the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disability.  

Ellen Perkins, General Manager of Business Development. Ellen is the General Manager of Business Development at Nextt, overseeing growth, marketing, and market opportunities to support the company’s strategic plan. With over 20 years of experience in the community service and disability sector, she is passionate about creating new opportunities to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.  

Chris Scholtz, Chief Financial Officer. Chris is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Nextt, responsible for leading finance, accounting, tax, and business analytics teams. With a background in finance and commercial project management, Chris is known for his ability to implement cost-cutting measures, lead successful mergers and acquisitions, and drive profitable growth for the company.  

Melissa Dunn, General Manager of Quality and Risk. Melissa is the General Manager of Quality and Risk at Nextt, overseeing the Quality and Safeguards team to ensure excellent support services for clients nationwide. With 15 years of experience in the disability sector, Melissa has held senior clinical and leadership positions in both non-profit and government organisations, bringing her expertise as a registered speech pathologist to enhance the quality of care provided.  

Natalie Gillam, General Manager of Business Transformation and Technology. Natalie is the General Manager of Business Transformation and Technology at Nextt, overseeing a wide range of initiatives to drive organisational growth and enhance operational efficiency. With over 20 years of experience in senior roles across various sectors, including corporate and nonprofit organisations, Natalie prioritises understanding customer needs to deliver exceptional outcomes and ensure frontline teams have the right systems and support to excel.  

Margot Stevenson, General Manager of People and Culture. Margot is the General Manager of People and Culture at Nextt, overseeing HR strategy and initiatives to cultivate engaged and motivated employees. With a wealth of experience leading HR teams across diverse sectors, Margot is dedicated to building organisational capability and fostering thriving cultures that drive peak performance. She is proud to contribute to organizations like Nextt that make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged individuals in the community.  

Brendan Kreft, Head of Client Experience – North. Brendan is the Head of Client Experience – North at Nextt, bringing his passion, integrity, and client-focused approach to the role. With a background in agriculture, business management, and experience in the mental health and disability sector, Brendan’s extensive knowledge and dedication drive successful client outcomes. 

Trent Danaher, Head of Central Services. Trent Danaher is Head of Central Services, encompassing Nextt’s National Scheduling, Enquiries and Everyday Success portfolio. Trent joined Nextt in September 2023 after a 20-year career spanning allied health, personal injury insurance, medico-legal practice and disability. Trent has a broad skillset comprising healthcare, strategy, operations, business development and compliance. This allows him to see and solve problems from a holistic viewpoint. In addition to his allied health qualifications, Trent possesses post-graduate qualifications in Personal Injury Management, an MBA and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Trent is passionate about providing exceptional employee and client experiences.

What is Nextt's INDIE system?

Our innovative INDIE system provides an end-to-end view of NDIS participants’ journeys. It enhances transparency, enables deeper data analysis on goals and progress, and ensures greater accountability and effectiveness in delivering support services. INDIE empowers us to track outcomes and make measurable improvements in our clients’ quality of life. 

Do you have any minimum intake guidelines?

At Nextt we focus on supporting people with higher level support needs. We provide each participant with an individualised plan and support team. We can recruit specifically to meet specific needs if required and provide comprehensive training to our support staff. Each participant will have a dedicated Client Engagement Manager that will be their key point of contact at Nextt.  

In order for us to deliver this service we have a minimum level of service needed to provide this customised approach. 

  • Minimum 6 hours week for core supports  
  • Minimum 1 hour per week for support coordination

Disability Support Services

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination assists individuals in navigating and implementing their NDIS plans, ensuring access to necessary supports and services.

What are Core Supports?

Core Supports are fundamental services under the NDIS that address daily activities, including assistance with personal tasks and community participation. 

What is Personal Care?

Personal Care involves support with daily personal tasks, such as grooming, hygiene, and mobility, promoting independence and well-being. 

What is Social and Community Participation?

Social and Community Participation supports enable individuals to engage in community activities, fostering social inclusion and personal growth. 

What Mental Health support services do you offer?

There are a range of mental health-related services. These are generally covered covered under NDIS Core Supports, and may include: 

Assistance with Daily Life: Support for daily activities related to personal care, domestic tasks, and other daily routines. 

Transport: Assistance with transportation, ensuring individuals can access necessary mental health services and community activities. 

Consumables: Provision of consumable items related to mental health needs, which could include certain assistive technologies. 

These services, while falling under Core Supports, may also be complemented by other support categories such as Improved Daily Living or Support Coordination, depending on the individual’s NDIS plan and specific needs. Participants should work with their support coordinator or planner to tailor their plan to meet their mental health requirements effectively. 

What is Attendant Care?

Attendant Care involves assistance with daily living activities, offering support tailored to an individual’s specific needs, particularly those with physical disabilities. 

Nextt is an approved attendant care provider for iCare, TAC, LifeTime Support Authority, and NIISQ. 

Disability Living Options

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living provides you with individualised support throughout the day or night to assist you to live in your home. 

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation is a range of housing options designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. 

The availability of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding through the NDIS is a valuable resource for people with disability to secure housing solutions that meet their specific needs. This funding allows housing developers to build specialist housing solutions, designed for those with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA accommodation is available in different settings such as houses, apartments and villas to list a few. 

However, SDA funding does not pay for the supports delivered within the home. These supports are typically covered by other funding streams such as Core Supports or Supported Independent Living. 

Who is eligible for Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living is available to participants on the NDIS who live on their own or with other NDIS participants and have higher support needs. 

Supported Independent Living is tailored support to facilitate home living for individuals with higher support needs. This assistance covers daily tasks such as personal care and cooking, fostering independence and skill development. Suited for those requiring continuous daily help, including overnight support, it is ideal for people with disabilities needing substantial assistance. Whether living with fellow NDIS participants or independently, Supported Independent Living is a comprehensive aid. Not intended for expenses like rent or groceries, it ensures personalised, higher-level support for daily living. Additional details can be found in the Supported Independent Living guideline.

What is Individualised Living Options (ILO)?

Individualised Living Options (ILO) empower you to live life your way. ILO funding isn’t for housing but lets you explore living arrangements—be it with a housemate or in a host’s home. Your ILO is tailored to suit you, falling into one of three bands for both Stage 1 and 2. Unique to you, ILO works seamlessly with other supports, embracing informal help from family, friends, and the community. In Stage 1, you design your ILO, detailing your living preferences. In Stage 2, those supports come to life, offering flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve. ILO isn’t about home funding or rigid services—it’s your personalized path to independence. 

What is Nextt's Shared Support Hub?

The Nextt Shared Support Hub offers a support team that is available to you 24/7, to provide unplanned supports to those living within SDA accommodation. 

We aim to provide an onsite hub that allows the people to share the cost of on-site support, enabling everyone to maximise their funding and achieve their goals. We want to support you to live in your own home, surrounded by a supportive community with access to essential amenities. 

The Nextt Hub staff work out of a specific unit, villa or office within the development. Our Nextt Hub Service is a 24/7, on-call service, shared by a number of people living within the same building, that provides unplanned support if you need it in your new home. A member of staff is on-site, day and night, discreetly located but offering you the peace of mind that support is there should it be needed. This enables you to live as independently as you choose. 

We build a team for you and your neighbours who are sharing access to the hub and we ensure that all hub staff are trained to meet the essential needs of every individual. Supports include interruptible and non-interruptible staff support. We will work with you to understand what your goals are and how we can best support you. 

Do you have any current disability housing vacancies?

Yes, we have a range of disability accommodation vacancy – including SIL and SDA homes – located right around Australia. Please visit our vacancies page to see our current available homes.

Our Values


We act with integrity, respect and value you as an individual and will always try to do the right thing


We will work with you to uphold your rights and provide the best service possible


We will listen to you so you can achieve your goals and maximise your opportunities and outcomes


We will seek better ways of doing things so that our services can continuously improve

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